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Community Engagement

Staffed by Colorado natives, our entire office is passionate and invested in helping the local community both on and off the job. During office hours, we create a welcoming atmosphere for patients and their families, while seeking the best possible treatment options to improve their quality of life every day. Windsor Audiology provides verified fittings to ensure your prescriptions are accurate, and we stay partnered with you even after treatment to ensure you continue to feel satisfied and comfortable with your hearing results.

two military soldiers in front of a helicopter

We Support Our Local Veterans

Going beyond the call of duty, Windsor Audiology and Dr. Johnson are proud to support our local veterans, U.S. military, and local emergency service personnel. If you’re a Northern Colorado resident and qualify as one of these outstanding heroes who are integral to our healthy and safe communities, we want to say “thank you.” When you need hearing services, Windsor Audiology is here every day to give back with free hearing evaluations and discounts on products, hearing aids, hearing protection devices, and batteries. By providing this small service to first responders, military, veterans, and service personnel in need, it’s the best way we know how to reward you for your dedication to our community and our country. We thank you for your service!

*Valid proof of service is required.


Dr. Johnson recently was invited by the Starkey Hearing Foundation to attend a mission trip to Nicaragua. On this mission she took part in Phase two of a three-part mission to “give the gift of hearing”. During this phase Dr. Johnson and her colleagues fit donated hearing devices on over 1100 people during her three-day mission. The compassion and care that was provided to the people in Nicaragua and the generosity of the hearing mission were unbelievable. Dr. Johnson has been humbling to have been a part of such a magical experience of “Giving the Gift of Hearing So the World May Hear.”

Community Outreach

Community outreach is very important to Dr. Johnson. She has been active in youth activities with her local youth recreational league, coaching K through 6th grade volleyball, basketball, and soccer teams. Dr. Johnson supports our agricultural youth, as well, and has been a participant in the Weld County Junior Livestock Auction for the past two years. Dr. Johnson and Windsor Audiology have teamed up to support our local heroes.

Clinic Reviews

We look forward to helping you on your hearing healthcare journey!