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Effectively Treating Conductive Hearing Loss in Windsor, CO

Windsor Audiology treats people who suffer from conductive hearing loss in Windsor, CO. If a hearing test reveals that you have conductive hearing loss, we’ll determine the cause and provide effective treatment.

When you come to our clinic, we’ll examine the outer and middle ear for anything that could prevent sound from reaching your inner ear. Reasons for conductive hearing loss range from actual physical blockages to a hole in the eardrum. Then, once we pinpoint the cause of your hearing loss, we’ll work with you to address it.

If you have conductive hearing loss, it’s important to see a skilled audiologist to receive a definitive diagnosis. Trying to treat any type of hearing issue without professional help can lead to damage to the ear or additional hearing issues down the line. In addition, if you are suffering from another type of hearing loss, a different type of treatment may be warranted. Let our team discover the specific cause of your hearing problem so you can get the assistance you need.

man holding hand behind ear with audiogram in background

Causes of Conductive Hearing Loss

There are many possible causes of hearing problems due to outer or middle ear issues, including:

  • A buildup of earwax or fluid in the ear canal
  • An ear infection
  • A perforation in the eardrum
  • And more

Through physical examination and/or a hearing exam, we’ll accurately pinpoint the source of your conductive hearing loss so it can be treated successfully. We have specialized equipment that allows us to find and diagnose problems quickly and effectively.

Treating Conductive Hearing Loss

Once our team has discovered the source of your conductive hearing loss, we’ll provide effective treatment. The approach we use will vary depending on the cause of your hearing loss, but the majority of conductive hearing loss cases are temporary and respond well to treatment. Sometimes, we can restore hearing completely by simply performing earwax removal. For impacted wax, we may have to resort to a more involved extraction to clear the canal. Ear infections can be treated with antibiotics, and perforations in the eardrum often heal without intervention.

For some patients, hearing loss persists after treatment, and some cases of hearing loss are permanent. There are also cases where a patient experiences multiple hearing problems, which makes finding a solution more complex. No matter what you’re dealing with, we’ll work with you to find an applicable, effective treatment. If you have permanent hearing loss or other hearing issues in tandem with the conductive hearing loss, we can help you select a hearing aid that suits your lifestyle.

Hear all that life has to offer. Contact Windsor Audiology in Windsor, CO, today to learn more or to get a hearing evaluation.

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We look forward to helping you on your hearing healthcare journey!