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Tinnitus Treatment and Care

The staff at Windsor Audiology, are well trained in all aspects of the ear, hearing and tinnitus.  We are compassionate about your concerns and will provide you will a full diagnostic evaluation, consultation, and treatment option.  We are Northern Colorado’s Premier Hearing Healthcare Professional and we are committed to providing you answers to help you understand your condition.  If you are experiencing pain, tinnitus, or decreased ability to understand speech we encourage you to call our office immediately and speak with a member of our staff.

woman covering her ears

Symptoms of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is generally recognized by a persistent and annoying “noise” in your ears, even when all is quiet. The sound you hear is different than the sound someone else may hear, no two tinnitus sounds are alike. Your sound may be a constant ringing, buzzing, clicking, hissing, or roaring that doesn’t go away, but it also may be intermittent and have a pulsating beat to it.  There are in fact two types of tinnitus, subjective or objective, subjective is noise that only you hear, while objective is noise that can be heard by others as well. The only way to tell which type is through a professional evaluation.  During which Dr. Johnson will evaluate your auditory system with several tests that help diagnose your condition.

woman with a ringing triangle next to her ear

Is Tinnitus Common?

Tinnitus affects one in five people, that is over 50 million Americans. Twenty million of those people experience chronic or constant tinnitus in one or both ears! These symptoms can lead to depression, anxiety, loss of concentration, and frustration. Although tinnitus sounds like its own condition, surprisingly it is not. Tinnitus pronounced /TIN-ni-tus/, is just the name of the symptoms that are actually caused another underlying condition. Patients of all ages can experience tinnitus symptoms related to exposure to loud noise, excess ear wax, abnormal bone growth in the ear, Meniere’s disease, Temporomandibular jaw disorder (TMJ), head/neck injury, and more. If you are experiencing sudden tinnitus with sudden hearing loss or pulsatile tinnitus, schedule an appointment for a full hearing evaluation as soon as possible to rule out a more serious condition.

Treatment and Care Plans

It is important to see a hearing healthcare professional about your tinnitus.  You may have been told there is no cure for tinnitus, which is true, but there are treatment options and you certainly do NOT have to live with it.   Dr. Johnson will determine the cause of the tinnitus noise and recommend a treatment option.  Dr. Johnson has successfully treated tinnitus symptoms in her patients and is eager to help you. Call our office today and schedule a full hearing evaluation and tinnitus consultation and start your journey to a tinnitus free lifestyle.


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We look forward to helping you on your hearing healthcare journey!